Revisit Cycling to Changi

On 12 March, 2016 by Alice
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After probably more than a year, we have decided to cycle to Changi again. I felt so tired after whole day working. It’s time to have some fresh air. Sometimes I think working during weekends maybe good for me, makes me feel fulfilling somehow, instead of sitting around doing nothing.


The way to Changi has changed a bit, there is a gigantic construction site for new terminal. Overall it’s good, this is the first time I cycle so far with the blue. Probably why I didn’t feel as bad. In the old times, just imagine, I always cycled momoki, not the best bike for long distance. As a routine, we went to ECP hawker center, Marius went crazy and ordered so much. He must be hungry. We had 20 satay sticks, 1 Hokkien Mian, 1 gigantic sugar cane juice, 1 big fish, 2 chicken wings, maybe 4.

ECP hawker center

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