New Breakfast Idea

Marius made me really really nice breakfast! Delicious! I love my weekends!

13th Sep

1925 Microbrewery

Despite the fact that there are very limited places to visit in...

12th Sep

Brunch at Penny University

After trying the brunch all nearby places. I found Penny University has...

07th Sep

5th Anniversary

The Media Shop turns 5. They had been busy preparing the whole...

06th Sep

Finally Softball

I have already liked baseball, I even have a baseball jersey, which...

03rd Sep

Unsatisfied Anniversary

Finally Marius came back today. I was looking forward to what he...

30th Aug

Play: Mies Juile

Free tickets from The New York Times. Actually the tickets were meant...

28th Aug

Floorball Night

I had already given up on the rugby girls. I thought because...

26th Aug

Dress Up My Writing Skills

My management team found my emails to clients sometimes too blunt. So...

19th Aug
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