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One Fighting Champion

Shamelessly we requested tickets from Forbes or it’s Discovery? I don’t even know because I don’t really do business with them.

The fights were quite brutal. People are from different martial art background and they can fight in any style they are good at. I found out that Judo people are generally at advance, as they always lock people down at the floor, then they win.


It was a great show!

One FC

Movember Night Market

I found out about this night market on internet. I always like night markets. They always full of little surprises with affordable things.


This night market was quite cool. Despite the fact, there is more things to eat and drink than  things to buy. The weather was not ideal, slightly hot. I didn’t stay very long. As the sellers all claimed to be designers, and Singapore as one of the developed countries, designers are very expensive. I didn’t buy anything. There was also live band, or maybe more than one.

Movember Night Market

SMRT Event

SMRT seems to be quite rich, there was even door gift. We registered our emails, they gave us free gift, from spa to hotel to choose from. The theme was Octoberfest, various not bad beer. The food was quite good, judging from all the events that I have been.


To be honest, I still have no clue what’s the event about. Bu I think it’s about the newly launched double-deck bus. So it means now we can also advertise on the buses. I thought there were already buses on the road? Maybe they’re from different company. I actually quite like my job, advertising is something I thought I might do one day, now I am doing it. Although it’s a bit different than what I dreamed. I thought I would be doing creative/PR, thinking about ideas to promote products/service.


KL and I both had plans, after touring the double-deck bus and got our rebate. We quickly fled. SMRT Bus


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