New Bike Assembled

By bicycle shop uncle. We failed our mission and Marius paid the...

22nd Nov

Affordable Art Fair

Not so affordable.

21st Nov

My Xmas Gift

Marius got me a bike. And we have to assemble it! And...

19th Nov

Meiling’s Wedding

It’s kind similar as the rest of the wedding I have been...

16th Nov

Paleta Party at Claude’s

Claude bought an apartment in Barcelona and lamb for us. A party...

15th Nov

One Fighting Champion

Shamelessly we requested tickets from Forbes or it’s Discovery? I don’t even...

07th Nov

Movember Night Market

I found out about this night market on internet. I always like...

31st Oct

Gift from Germany

Marius is back with a gift! He said, on the big biscuit...

27th Oct

SMRT Event

SMRT seems to be quite rich, there was even door gift. We...

17th Oct
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