Walk by this shop couple times, heard it’s super expensive. But never...

08th Jan

Green Hangdbag

夏媛的朋友圈最近都是很多她自己做得皮制品. 圣诞前几天她突然问我要地址说是要给我寄礼物. 我猜她应该是要寄钱包给我. 这个礼物几经周折, 因为她问我的时候我已经要放假了. 我就让她寄到家里, 谁知道那个礼物很早就寄到了, 赶在放假前一天. 可惜寄来家里没有人. 第二天就放假了. 他们又寄到公司没有人. 最后一直等到我上班了才收到....

04th Jan

New job

First day at Mindshare. The people seem nice. I feel super excited...

05th Jan

Fairwell with TMS

Last dinner.

15th Dec

Julian and Belly

They’re visiting us.

12th Dec

The Tuck Shop

As our weekly exploration of Singapore bar scenery. The hottest bar in...

11th Dec

Party at Nader’s

Marius made me dress up. I wore a tight fit dress. He...

29th Nov

Xmas gift to Marius

feel like buying a small gift to him. Since he keeps breaking...

27th Nov

SingTel Visit

This year SingTel came up with this idea that they were going...

27th Nov
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