I am back both here and on Instagram

On 13 September, 2017 by Alice
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If there is something that I learned about quitting social media that is I only managed to block people who care about my life. For people who don’t care, they never did and never will. So many people are asking me about my Europe life and even followed me to WeChat I had decided to go back to Instagram to people who I love and love me.

I haven’t been updating this, this is ridiculous since now that I don’t have a job and have so much time on hand. But is it true?! I have always been busy everyday, not a day that I just sit there and do nothing. I think maybe one day, last last Sunday, Marius was in Prague, I had 4 days tour, only half day. But somehow I was totally stressed out, when Saturday tour was finished I feel so relieved, I read and finally finished the book The Inner Circle; I baked, I cooked, I watched tv. It was uneventful but relaxing day. So what have I been doing everyday? My day usually includes activities like this

  1. French class: I have 2-3 French classes per week
  2. Muscle exercise: I have 3 days Rebecca Louise per week, each day 3 small videos ranging from 10-15mins.
  3. Running: I make sure I run 3 days per week, if the weather permits, I run outside for 5km, 3 circles of the 2 lakes, not more not less; if not weather is not agreeable, I run up and down stairs for 40mins.
  4. I study Duolingo almost everyday
  5. I look at LinkedIn jobs almost everyday, I used to apply a lot, now whenever I see language requirements I know it’s a no. Also I started to receiving some calls from head hunters, it’s a good sign.
  6. I go to supermarket, once or twice a week
  7. I prepare dinner, now much less since I have to do tours and after tours I am exhausted!
  8. I do tours 2-3 days per week

A typical day goes like this:

  • I get up
  • I make coffee
  • (I put laundry in, not everyday)
  • I study Duolingo
  • I follow Rebecca Louise
  • I eat yogurt with cereals
  • I go out for tour/french class
  • I go to supermarket
  • I look at LinkedIn
  • I cook, sometimes Marius cooks
  • We eat
  • I shower
  • I read
  • I sleep

I will be back soon for more updates, now I need to do Duolingo.



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