On 4 November, 2012 by Alice
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Some people may think it’s dangerous. It’s actually quite and nice underwater, everything is so peaceful, perfect for people like me, who always feel in a rush, can’t calm down and concentrate on anything.


My first attempt was in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, January 2010. It was a Christmas gift which I love it so much. We were kinda nervous before the session start. But everything went smoothly. We both got certified as Open Water Diver.


Second time was in Palau Perhentian, Malaysia, April 2012. I decided to give it to myself as birthday gift after a long time doing nothing in my life. I got certified as Advanced Open Water Diver. The water there was super clear, my favourite diving site: Temple of the Sea.


Third time was a surprise trip to Bali, which I had no idea until I was in the airport waiting for check-in. This time was all about fun diving, no more tests, questions, homework! The water was a bit cold, and we saw a submarine to take those people who can’t dive to explore underwater world.


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