Comedy Night Thursday

On 25 February, 2016 by Alice
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It was supposed to be a very very busy week. Somehow it’s already Thursday. One of my meetings got canceled. This year so far hasn’t been too pleasant for all of us. Therefore we decided to go to my favorite comedy night to brighten up our mood.


Tonight was more fun than last time when Marius and I went alone, part of it was because better comedians, larger part of it, I think, it’s because we had more people. There were like 14 of us. 4 from my side including Chels, Jas, Lexi and her boyfriend, the rest from Marius’ side.

Check it out, frozen yogurt is still a thing in Singapore. This llaollao is super popular here, always a long queue. I managed finally to try it. It was good quality, but after hearing the staff there had to clean couple times a day of the roaches, I am not sure I would buy it again. I remember those days back in HK, I had a goal to try all the frozen yogurt stores and rank them. Like what I did for coffee in Singapore last year.

llao llao

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