Finally got my solar paper from Kickstarter. It went through a bit trouble as I didn’t get it at the first delivery and it got sent it back to sender. I had to pay extra to get it.     Great packaging, I have yet to test them out. Tomorrow […]

Solar Paper

After probably more than a year, we have decided to cycle to Changi again. I felt so tired after whole day working. It’s time to have some fresh air. Sometimes I think working during weekends maybe good for me, makes me feel fulfilling somehow, instead of sitting around doing nothing.   […]

Revisit Cycling to Changi

I had a long day went to a workshop, pretty useless in my opinion. After couple weeks of non-inspiring weekend, we decided to do something, which is Holland Village. Not my favorite place, it’s like a town of bars and restaurants, which we can find anywhere in Singapore. Do we […]

Holland V

I wanted to go cycling. But I needed to pump air first. So I had my pumping boy:D. In the end we didn’t go. But it was a good start.

It’s a cute boy

Asparagus was cooked with thyme, it was delicious. He also stuffed capsicum and cheese inside the chicken. It’s always nice to have some homemade meal. Sipping some German Riesling while waiting my dinner.

Marius cooked again after a long time

It was supposed to be a very very busy week. Somehow it’s already Thursday. One of my meetings got canceled. This year so far hasn’t been too pleasant for all of us. Therefore we decided to go to my favorite comedy night to brighten up our mood.   Tonight was […]

Comedy Night Thursday

Walk by this shop couple times, heard it’s super expensive. But never knew the quality is so good. I wouldn’t mind once a while to have lunch here. The Japanese brown rice is so nice. It definitely brighten up my week on a Friday.


夏媛的朋友圈最近都是很多她自己做得皮制品. 圣诞前几天她突然问我要地址说是要给我寄礼物. 我猜她应该是要寄钱包给我. 这个礼物几经周折, 因为她问我的时候我已经要放假了. 我就让她寄到家里, 谁知道那个礼物很早就寄到了, 赶在放假前一天. 可惜寄来家里没有人. 第二天就放假了. 他们又寄到公司没有人. 最后一直等到我上班了才收到. 太不容易了. 收到发现是个很大的盒子, 打开一看是个美丽的绿色皮包. 我很喜欢, 连颜色都是我超级喜欢的. 很特别.                 这两天工作很辛苦, 刚刚长假回来要天天加班. 今天晚到家, 肚子很饿, 小胡给我煮了意粉.

Green Hangdbag