Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

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Off Instagram

I am off social media almost completely! I say almost because I am still on WeChat so my parents can still get my updates.


Many people asked why. There are many reasons I can think of

  • I am tired of posting. It always takes a lot of time to pick the photo and sometimes apply filter and post, not to mention you need to think about what to write, how to describe it. Yea, I know you would say some people don’t even care. But as for me I have a sensitive heart. (In French it’s called un coeur d’artichaut. It can mean falling in love easily also.) I don’t want other people to think about my posts negatively or wow, is she showing off? Or she shouldn’t post this. If Instagram has a function to limit what people can see, I would be the first one to use it. I did it for Facebook, all my Instagram posts are still linked to my Facebook, I just don’t see the point of posting twice on both FB and IG. So I set FB to me only. No one else can see my posts.
  • I found it sometimes, I focus too much that I need to document everything in Instagram stories and I forgot to enjoy the moment.
  • I have a weird habit, it’s either I don’t do it at all, or I do it all. On Instagram I always feel like I need to post this, I need to post that; then I think oh no, would they think I post too much?
  • Life is too good to put on Instagram, too short to use Instagram.
  • I have decided to enjoy my life with my eyes, not my phone.
  • I need to pick up my camera again, not amateur iPhone.

That being said, I do miss the feeling of I can just look at my Instagram and see the highlight of my life. Well, that’s what this place is for right? Not as user friendly, but it’s mine.


But many people I love and love me back asked me about my life updates, so should I go back to IG?


BTW, I need to update this site, I have missed a lot of updates since I joined Mindshare, now that I have no job, I can look through my photos and fill the blanks.

Solar Paper

Finally got my solar paper from Kickstarter. It went through a bit trouble as I didn’t get it at the first delivery and it got sent it back to sender. I had to pay extra to get it.


Solar paper


Great packaging, I have yet to test them out. Tomorrow is the day.

Revisit Cycling to Changi

After probably more than a year, we have decided to cycle to Changi again. I felt so tired after whole day working. It’s time to have some fresh air. Sometimes I think working during weekends maybe good for me, makes me feel fulfilling somehow, instead of sitting around doing nothing.


The way to Changi has changed a bit, there is a gigantic construction site for new terminal. Overall it’s good, this is the first time I cycle so far with the blue. Probably why I didn’t feel as bad. In the old times, just imagine, I always cycled momoki, not the best bike for long distance. As a routine, we went to ECP hawker center, Marius went crazy and ordered so much. He must be hungry. We had 20 satay sticks, 1 Hokkien Mian, 1 gigantic sugar cane juice, 1 big fish, 2 chicken wings, maybe 4.

ECP hawker center

Holland V

I had a long day went to a workshop, pretty useless in my opinion. After couple weeks of non-inspiring weekend, we decided to do something, which is Holland Village. Not my favorite place, it’s like a town of bars and restaurants, which we can find anywhere in Singapore. Do we really have to cross town to have this?


It turned out Marius wanted to see the band performance at Walawala. The food sucked big time, the band didn’t show up till 930pm. We should have gone somewhere else for the food. All in all it was a good night better than doing nothing.


My phone had crashed to shit state recently, I am reluctant to change it. Its camera has also gone to shit state. Nonetheless it didn’t stop me taking this interesting alley photo.

Holland V Alley

Comedy Night Thursday

It was supposed to be a very very busy week. Somehow it’s already Thursday. One of my meetings got canceled. This year so far hasn’t been too pleasant for all of us. Therefore we decided to go to my favorite comedy night to brighten up our mood.


Tonight was more fun than last time when Marius and I went alone, part of it was because better comedians, larger part of it, I think, it’s because we had more people. There were like 14 of us. 4 from my side including Chels, Jas, Lexi and her boyfriend, the rest from Marius’ side.

Check it out, frozen yogurt is still a thing in Singapore. This llaollao is super popular here, always a long queue. I managed finally to try it. It was good quality, but after hearing the staff there had to clean couple times a day of the roaches, I am not sure I would buy it again. I remember those days back in HK, I had a goal to try all the frozen yogurt stores and rank them. Like what I did for coffee in Singapore last year.

llao llao


Walk by this shop couple times, heard it’s super expensive. But never knew the quality is so good. I wouldn’t mind once a while to have lunch here. The Japanese brown rice is so nice. It definitely brighten up my week on a Friday.


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